The most frequently asked questions are listed here. 
If you think a question is missing, feel free to ask me 
about it. Then this is added

I am currently financing myself out of my own pocket. If anyone wants to support me, they are welcome to do so. There is a Ko-Fi link at the bottom of the page!


I check at regular intervals whether the server is actively being used. (No server will be deleted without prior backup! You will all get a backup after ending sponsorship)

If you write to me that you are currently unable to actively use the server due to personal reasons, please send me a message in good time! I take that into account!

Stage 1:
I do not detect any activity

–  No activity on running server for more than 4 days
– Stopped server for more than 4 days

I’ll write you a message if everything is ok or if there are problems where I can support you. After 7 days without feedback, level 2 of the activity control occurs.

Stage 2:
There is still no activity on the server or you have not reported after 7 days.
If your server is still running , it will be stopped at this point. You will be notified that your server has now been stopped and you will be asked to log in again! You have 3 days -> After that, stage 3 of the activity regulation takes effect

Your server is already stopped . You will be notified again that your server shows no activity. You will be given another deadline. You have 3 days -> After that, stage 3 of the activity regulation comes into effect!

Level 3
Your server will be blocked  and you have 24 hours to report. If there is no message, your server will be packed as a backup and your server + user account will be deleted. You will receive an e-mail with the download link for the backup and you will be excluded from sponsoring for 3 months. If you try to avoid this, you will be permanently banned!


You can get support via email (support[@] or through the ticket system on Discord.
The Discord is linked in the ribbon above 


As everywhere, there are some rules of conduct. Direct blocking only takes place in serious cases (marked with *)

This includes the following points:

 – racist, hate speech buildings, MOTD, skins, server icon or similar. 

 – The use for advertising something bigger. (e.g. you joint on it and get kicked with the message “join here for premium” 

 – Fraud, scam, commercial 

 – Use of own and third-party system-damaging software (DDOs, HackTools).

If I notice something that can lead to problems in the long run, I will contact you. Together we can then see if we can find a solution


Currently I can only assign one server per person.

I have very limited resources. But you are welcome to present your idea to me. Should the idea convince me. If necessary, can I organize resources for the project? This will then be discussed individually


You will get a server by creating a ticket on the Discord (upper list). A team member will take care of you as soon as possible :).

You don’t have Discord?
No problem 🙂 Write a mail to “”.


Please ask via a ticket. There is a small amount of domains to choose from.
A connection takes up to 24h.


The following subdomains are available


Only the *** can be changed!